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When it comes to coffee, we prefer locally roasted, freshly ground, quality beans. We only use fresh milk, and have taken extensive training on texturing milk. We are now working on perfecting our latte art! Every Sunday, Matija (one of our two coffee roasters) from Cogito Coffee Roasters in Zagreb, sends us via bus 10-15 kilos of freshly roasted specialty coffee. 

Cogito Coffee Roasters import green beans from the world's best boutique green coffee farms. Their operation is small and their main focus is on quality and freshness. The coffee blend is called "Tesla", one of the reasons being that their production is located in an old bulb factory from the 1930s. Matija B. and Matija H. have been in the coffee industry for a long time, they've visited numerous specialty coffee fairs and roasters around the world. They even got chance to visit two coffee origin countries, Tanzania and Colombia.

Matija B. is the owner of the Zagreb's first specialty coffee bar, "Cafe u Dvorištu" and Matija H is a three-time Croatian barista champion and ranked 7th in the world at WBC 2012. They have trained our staff, and have infected us with the same passion for good coffee.

After trying an espresso, and appreciating the freshness of our coffee, we suggest you try other unique coffees. Large iced coffees are the most popular in the summer (and great in the winter too). During the fall, try our homemade "Pumpkin Spice Latte", made from fresh pumpkins bought at Split's green market. We also offer "Spiked Coffees" like our Irish Coffee with a shot of Jameson, or go local with a "Croatian Coffee" with a shot of local Orahovac (walnut brandy).

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"  ... focus is on quality and freshness"

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